Ferenc Gregor, a first generation Hungarian-American, residing in Maryland, began carving in 1987, utilizing natural materials, such as
wood, horn, fossil ivories, and stone.  He is self  taught through years of practice, study, and experimentation with both old and new
technique elements in various mediums and styles.

Well known for his carved handle custom knives, he is considered  a world class carver by collectors. In 1998 he was awarded “Best
Presentation for Custom Knives” at the Chesapeake National Knife show, by his peers. Gaining popularity, his carving projects were
awarded “Best new product” at the N.A.M Show in California. With contracts to carve “Masters” used by companies including Pro-Mark
music and B.C. Rich Guitars. Ferenc has spent many years and continues to exhibit in galleries, at shows, and  to present period

Utilizing the transition of fine small scale detail to larger stone works, he became popular for his ability to execute minute detail carving
seldom seen in the industry today. He has completed hundreds of works in various medium for government, private, and commercial
applications, and his award winning works are valued by collectors world wide.

“ There must be recognized, a relationship. As with all relationships, one of commitment,
understanding, respect and patience. These, ”materials”, are not merely inanimate objects. They are from the sacred earth. Living,
growing, and changing constantly on a level far beyond our comprehension. Therefore, we must learn not to oppose and force them to
our desire, but learn from them what is required by us to guide that relationship to the desired result.”
Mitakuaye Oyasin

A special word of gratitude to my dear friend, Grandfather Henry Niese, for his generosity, and compassion. “Thank you for sharing your
life with me.”

**Henry Niese , a graduate of Cooper Union and Columbia University, is a retired professor of art. A Pulitzer Prize Winner, he has taught at
the University of Maryland, and was a Guest Fellow at Yale University. He  has public collections of works in several  galleries including
the Whitney Museum, and the National Museum of American Art. Grandfather Niese is the Author of  “The Man who Knew the Medicine”
and "The medicine is sacred."
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